Our Fish

Our wild Alaskan salmon and halibut are superior quality, sustainably harvested and 100% traceable.

Our sockeye salmon. Photo courtesy of the good people at Good Eggs.

Sea to Shore Seafood Co. is about more than just selling fish. For us it’s about creating a business model that allows us to follow our passion to fish and bring beautiful wild caught Alaskan seafood to market, while doing so in a way that is sustainable, traceable, limits waste and produces the very best quality seafood.

Impeccable Quality

At Sea to Shore we pride ourselves on taking the extra steps to ensure that every fish or fillet we deliver is of the highest quality possible. It all starts with proper handling. A fish’s flesh is so fragile that just a few degrees difference in storage temperature or rough handling, can affect the taste and texture of a fillet. So, how do we ensure that the seafood we provide meets the quality we promise?  As soon as a salmon comes on board, we swiftly and respectfully dispatch the fish in the most humane way possible. Our technique prevents the release of stress induced lactic acid that would otherwise have a negative effect on the texture of a fillet. An incision is then made in the salmon’s gill, followed by placement into a tank of circulating sea water, allowing as much blood as possible to naturally drain. The next step is what puts Sea to Shore’s salmon a step above most other salmon on the market - pressure bleeding. Pressure bleeding is a time-consuming technique essential for achieving a pristine, pure tasting fillet. A surgical pipette providing a low-pressure stream of sea water is inserted into the dorsal artery - the main artery of a salmon.  This water gently forces all remaining blood from the salmon’s circulatory system over a period of 1-2 minutes, depending on size. Blood is the number one cause of spoilage in fish resulting in that “fishy” taste. By performing the pressure bleeding method, we ensure that all potential for blood spoilage has been eliminated, resulting in a pure, never fishy tasting, salmon experience. Finally, it is thoroughly cleaned and inspected, then placed into an insulated tote of slush ice.  The salmon remains here until the time comes to be filleted and blast frozen or shipped out fresh to our loyal, eagerly awaiting customers.  We take immense pride in this entire process. It is time consuming and labor intensive, but it is the only way we can guarantee that each salmon fillet is of the highest quality possible, from fish that have been handled with the most respect possible. Don’t take our word for it though, read what our customers have to say!


Alaska is one of the last areas on the planet that produce sizeable wild salmon runs. We fish out of the small island community of Petersburg in Southeast Alaska. Known as Little Norway, this dot on the map is home to many multi-generational fishing families and commercial fishing is not just a job, but a way of life in this small town. Alaska has sustainably managed it’s wild salmon runs since statehood, and our commercial fisheries date back even prior to that. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game intensively manages fishing districts across the state, conducting science-based research on salmon stocks that inform guidelines for harvest limits and escapement (fish that will return to rivers to spawn).


Traceability is more important than ever to today’s consumer. We can tell you exactly where your fish was caught and who caught it - because we are your fishermen. We hand cut all of our fresh fish and, because we are a small operation, we also utilize a local processor who processes our frozen seafood. We bring them our fish and we get our fish back, so you can always rest assured that all the seafood you buy from Sea to Shore was wild caught and hand harvested by us.

100% Utilization

Food waste is a growing problem in the U.S. and the consequences of increasing meat and produce production to feed a growing population are far reaching, The fish we catch and sell at Sea to Shore is a naturally occurring, sustainable resource, nevertheless we are always striving for 100% utilization of the fish we catch. This means processing and packaging many underutilized parts of our fish and finding markets for those products. It can be challenging but we have been successfully selling salmon heads, burger meat, bellies, collars and roe.