Salmon and Halibut Combo Subscription

Salmon and Halibut Combo Subscription

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About our Salmon/Halibut Combo Box
Why choose when you can have both! Each combo box includes portions of halibut, sockeye and coho. Each portion is approximately 8 oz.

Good to Know:
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10 portions take up approx. 13.5”x10”x4” of freezer space.
20 portions take up approx. 14’x10”x6” of freezer space.

Nutritional Values:
(based on a 3 oz. cooked portion, source: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute)

Calories: 100, Protein (G): 20, Fat (G): 2, Saturated Fat (G): 0, Sodium (MG): 70, Cholesterol (MG): 51, Omega-3s DHA+EPA (MG): 201, Vitamin B12 (MCG): 1.1, Vitamin A (MCG): 20, Vitamin D (MCG): 5.0, Selenium (MCG): 470, Potassium (MG): 450, Iron (MG): .2, Calcium (MG): 10

Calories: 130, Protein (G): 23, Fat (G): 5, Saturated Fat (G): 1, Sodium (MG): 78, Cholesterol (MG): 50, Omega-3s DHA+EPA (MG): 730, Vitamin B12 (MCG): 4, Vitamin A (MCG): 50, Vitamin D (MCG): 14, Selenium (MCG): 30, Potassium (MG): 370, Iron (MG): .4, Calcium (MG): 10

Calories: 120, Protein (G): 20, Fat (G): 4, Saturated Fat (G): 1, Sodium (MG): 49, Cholesterol (MG): 50, Omega-3s DHA+EPA (MG): 900, Vitamin B12 (MCG): 4, Vitamin A (MCG): 40, Vitamin D (MCG): 10, Selenium (MCG): 32, Potassium (MG): 370, Iron (MG): .5, Calcium (MG): 40

Photos courtesy of Alaska Seafood and Good Eggs, Inc. - one of our select retail partners.