Smoked Salmon Jars

Smoked Salmon Jars

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About our Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon Jars:
Canning smoked salmon enhances the flavor of the fish. These jars are packed with delectable smoked coho and come in original, jalapeno or cajun flavors. Our jarred smoked salmon is sugar free, which makes it unique and a preferred choice for many. Try all 3 and save! Each jar contains 6.5 oz of smoked salmon. Price includes shipping.

Good to Know:
Our smoked salmon jars are a shelf stable product - no freezing or refrigeration required until you open the package.

It’s delicious right out of the jar, but if you want some extra inspiration, use this recipe finder and search “smoked salmon.”

Ingredients - Original Smoked Salmon:
Wild Coho Salmon, Salt, Alderwood Smoke

Ingredients - Jalapeno Smoked Salmon:
Wild Coho Salmon, Salt, Jalapeno Pepper, Vinegar, Alderwood Smoke

Ingredients - Cajun Smoked Salmon:
Wild Coho Salmon, Salt, Spices, Alderwood Smoke

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