crew shares

enjoy 15% off plus free shipping when you purchase 100 portions or more.

What is a Crew Share?

A Crew Share is an order that amounts to at least 100 portions of any combination of seafood. Mix and match until your order totals 100 portions. Tip: Each portion is approximately 8 oz. (or about one half pound). One Crew Share of 100 portions totals 50 lbs.

Which products are eligible?

Any product available in a 10 portion quantity is eligible (these products are also listed on the Crew Share Oder Form). This is pretty much everything except our jars and pouches of smoked salmon. Tip: our Smoked Salmon Strips ARE eligible!

Can I invite others to join my Crew?

Absolutely. You can order for yourself or create your own Crew of friends, family and coworkers. Payment must be made by one person and the entire order must be shipped together. It's up to you to pick up and distribute the order out to your Crew.

Where & When do you deliver?

Crew shares can be shipped to any city served by Alaska Airlines Cargo. Crew Shares ship the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Orders must be received by the Sunday prior to our delivery date to guarantee your shipment makes that delivery date. Orders received after Sunday will ship on the following delivery date.

What's the Fine print?

  • Minimum order quantity must total 100 portions. Feel free to mix and match until you reach 100 portions. Each product has a 10 portion minimum.
  • The Crew Share order gets 15% off our regular retail prices and free shipping to any Alaska Airlines Cargo hub. You cannot combine additional discounts with the Crew Share.
  • The Crew Share must fly into a city served by Alaska Airlines Cargo. There are no other shipping options for the Crew Share.
  • The Crew Share organizer (you) are responsible for picking up the order at Alaska Airlines Cargo and distributing to your Crew members.
  • We only accept one payment from one individual for a Crew Share order. If you've got a Crew that you're sharing with, it's up to you to collect payment from them to reimburse you for their portions.
  • Sea to Shore is not responsible for any damage to product after it has been picked up from Alaska Airlines Cargo, so make sure to check your order before signing for it and leaving the airport.

I'm in. How do I order a Crew Share?

See our Shop for product details, then just place your order via the Crew Share Order Form (below) to access your 15% Crew Share savings. Once we receive your order we will contact you to process payment and coordinate shipping.


Once you’re ready to place your Crew Share order, just open the Order Form, make your selections and submit your order. Once we have received your online order, we will contact you to process payment and coordinate shipping. Thanks for your interest in our Crew Share program!